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Ahad, 4 November 2012

Monumen Tukang Sukat

Statue in front of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame. The surveyor was George Erath, and today, there is a geocache monument at the statue.

Surveyor at RRCC in Winnipeg

Statue of Famous Japanese Surveyor Ino Tadataka

Parley overlooking Parley's Canyon

Young Surveyor Washington

Survey statue along SH 289 in Frisco

Survey Statue of Abraham Lincoln in New Salem

Surveyor at Rainfurly

Statue of Thomas Jefferson at University of Virginia

Traffic Circle Surveyor Dawson Creek Canada

Surveyor Adrian Antonisz in Netherlands 

Apparently the statue of Blind Jack from Knaresborough England. 
He was a blind surveyor and engineer.

Captain Vancouver Statue

Asas Ukur Aras