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Selasa, 30 Disember 2014

Selamat Tahun Baru 2015

Untuk segala sesuatu ada masanya, untuk apa pun di bawah langit ada waktunya. Ada waktu untuk lahir, ada waktu untuk meninggal, ada waktu untuk menanam, ada waktu untuk mencabut yang ditanam, ada waktu untuk membunuh, ada waktu untuk menyembuhkan, ada waktu untuk merombak, ada waktu untuk membangun, ada waktu untuk menangis, ada waktu untuk tertawa, ada waktu untuk meratap, ada waktu untuk menari, ada waktu untuk membuang batu, ada waktu untuk mengumpulkan batu, ada waktu untuk memeluk, ada waktu untuk menahan diri dari memeluk, ada waktu untuk mencari, ada waktu untuk membiarkan rugi, ada waktu untuk menyimpan, ada waktu untuk membuang, ada waktu untuk merobek, ada waktu untuk menjahit, ada waktu untuk berdiam diri, ada waktu untuk berbicara, ada waktu untuk mengasihi, ada waktu untuk membenci, ada waktu untuk perang, ada waktu untuk damai. 

Masa lalu adalah sejarah, hari ini adalah coretan, hari esok adalah harapan. Selamat tinggal 2014, Selamat datang tahun baru 2015. Seiring dengan perginya kenangan, menyambut harapan. Selamat tinggal kenangan, selamat datang harapan.....

Khamis, 25 Disember 2014

Selamat Hari Natal dan Tahun Baru 2015

Sempena Sambutan Perayaan Krismas tahun ini, admin ingin mengambil kesempatan  untuk mengucapkan Selamat Merayakan Hari Natal (bagi yang merayakan) Semoga damai sejahtera Allah selalu menyertai kita semua.... Semoga di tahun yang baru 2015 yang kian menjelang tidak lama lagi, kita semua lebih diberkati dalam kesihatan, keluarga, pekerjaan, keselamatan serta lebih dewasa dan bijak. Tuhan Memberkati..!

Selasa, 9 Disember 2014

Ulu Tungud Palm Oil Plantation For Sale

Fully Planted ( Oil Palm)
Area 1876 Ac
C.L 065314383
Location Ulu Tungud, Ranau.

For More Details (Serious Buyer Only).
Contact Admin for Site Visit (Accompanied by Manager).
Tukang Sukat Tanah
Hp: 01119568959 (WhatsApp)

Isnin, 8 Disember 2014

Land Application procedures

Below is given the procedures for land applications in Penampang District.

1. Submission of application
The administrative procedure of the land application process starts with the submission of a Land Application Form LSF.1001 (Appendix II). Form LSF.1001 consists of four parts. Part 1 is to be completed by the applicant with the applicant’s personal details. Part II and Part IV are to be completed by the District Surveyor, providing details on the suitability of the land being applied for. Part III is to be completed by the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue with information on the status of the land.

2. Received application
The completed Form LSF.1001 is submitted to the District Land Office together with a plan and land area details of the land being applied for and payment of the required fees as stated in Rule 15(e)(iii) of the Land Ordinance (Cap. 68) such as:

Applications & Fee (RM):
Applications under Part IV (Sec. 64 (1) & 70 (3) 20 Ha Fee (RM)5.00
Application under Part II & III where:
  • Not exceeding 6 Hectares (15 acres) Fee (RM) 50.00
  • More than 6 Ha (15 acs) but not exceeding 200 Ha (494.22 acs) Fee (RM) 200.00
  • More than 200 Ha (494.22 acs) except housing and industries Fee (RM) 500.00
  • More than 200 Ha (494.22 acs) for housing, industries, commercial Fee (RM) 1,000.00
When an application is received at the District Land Office, the Survey Technician/Land Apprentice will check the completeness and accuracy of the Land Application Forms (Sec.10 Land Ordinance Cap. 68) (LS.4041.3.II/512) dated 5.9.1989 (Registration Guidelines). If the Land Application Form is found to be incomplete or incorrect, the form is returned to the applicant to be completed or corrected before the application can be registered. There is no time limit for the applicant to complete or to correct the application form. If the form is complete and correct, the application will be registered in the land application registration book at the District Land Office and the applicant will be issued a receipt of payment (Rule 15(e)(iii) for reference. At the same time, a personal file for the applicant is opened at the Land Office with a reference number for future communication.

3. Comments from District Land Surveyor
A Survey Technician or a Land Apprentice from the Land and Survey Department is assigned to process the application for submission to the District Land Surveyor for further technic al comments on the suitability of the land applied for. The District Land Surveyor will then either recommend the application for further processing or reject the application.

4a. Rejection of application
An application could be rejected for the following reasons:
  • Overlapping application i.e. the land applied for is not available or has already been applied for by some one else.
  • The land is gazetted as a reserve area and is not suitable for the application e.g.Village Reserve, Forest Reserve, Ridge Conservation etc.
  • There is a customary rights claim on the land
  • The land is not suitable for the purpose applied for, e.g. land zoned as a village area is being applied    for industrial use
  • The land already has a title i.e. owned by someone else. If rejected, the applicant will be notified with full explanation of the reasons for rejection. 
4b. Recommendation of application
If the District Surveyor recommends the application, a notice of one month is prepared under Section 13 of the Land Ordinance, whereby a notice of the application is published for public or claimants of native customary rights to the land for their objections and comments. 

5. Comments from relevant Government Departments
At the same time copies of the submitted Land Form SF1001 will be distributed to all relevant government departments for comments on the application. Departments are chosen on a selective basis to provide technical comments. Selection depends upon relevance to the application, which, in turn depends on the nature and location of the land applied for and the purpose for which the land is being applied. Selection is decided by the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue or the District Land Surveyor. The following are the Departments to which the land application may be distributed for technical comments.
  • Department of Agriculture, Penampang District Office
  • Forestry Department (Kota Kinabalu)
  • Penampang District Veterinary Department
  • Fisheries Department (Kota Kinabalu)
  • Water Department
  • Penampang District Drainage and Irrigation Department
  • Sabah Parks
  • District Council
  • Geological and Mineral Science Department
  • Industrial Department (Kota Kinabalu)
  • Penampang District Public Works Department
  • District Health Department
  • Town and Regional Planning Department (Head Quarters)
  • Department of Environment - Sabah and Labuan office
  • Environmental Conservation Department, Sabah
  • Natural Resource Office, Sabah
  • Port and Harbour Department
  • Other Departments/Agencies when and if needed.
6. Tabled for the District Land Utilisation Committee Meeting
When comments from all the relevant departments have been received, the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue will summarise the report and make appropriate recommendations for the said applications to be tabled at the District Land Utilisation Committee Meeting. Returned comments are compiled and recorded in the Form ‘Attachment 5’ which provides the agenda for discussion at the District Land Utilisation Committee Meeting. The District Land Utilisation Committee membership consists of three chairpersons, several permanent members and some ad hoc members. The chairperson is drawn from one of three (3) senior officers from the Land & Survey Department headquarters. The permanent members are the District Land Surveyor, Heads of Departments (or Senior Officers) from the District Departments of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Veterinary, Town and Regional Planning, Natural Resource Office, District Representative of the People (ADUN) and the District Officer. The ad hoc members may be drawn from the Department of Drainage and Irrigation, District Council Executive, Water Department, Department of Environment and the Environmental Conservation Department. The District Land Utilisation Committee meets 4 times a year to discuss all land application matters and is empowered to approve at the District Level, land applications that do not exceed 50 hectares, for the purposes of agriculture, aquaculture or animal husbandry. For land applications exceeding 50 hectares in size, the District Land Utilisation Committee will make an appropriate recommendation to the Director, Land & Survey Department for further action. Based on the location and area of the land applied for, the District Land Utilis ation Committee will make one of four decisions: Reject, Postpone, Approve and Recommend for approval.

7a. Land Application rejected or postponed
In cases where the land application is rejected, the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue will notify the applicant with a full explanation regarding the rejection. The application is usually rejected due to new or additional information regarding the ownership or zoning of the land, or for other technical reasons as highlighted to the committee in the technical comments received. In some cases a decision on the land application may be postponed by the District Land Utilisation Committee for technical reasons such as incomplete information regarding the land status or suitability or it is decided that further comments from relevant departments may still be required. In this case, the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue or the Land Office Supervisor, District Land & Survey Department will take appropriate action as decided and advised by the District Land Utilisation Committee. 

7b. Land Application approved by District Land Utilisation Committee for 50 hectares and below
When the land application meets all the requirements the District Land Utilisation Committee may approve the land application for 50 hectares and below at the District Level. Following approval, the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue or Land Office Supervisor will prepare Part III of Schedule III of the Land Ordinance, (see Appendix III), and forward the form with the approved land application to the Director, Land & Survey Department. The form consists of seven questions regarding compliance to the Land Ordinance, Cap. 68, ownership of the land, and the capacity and resources of the applicant to develop the land. The Director, Land & Survey Department through the office of Assistant Collector of Land Revenue will notify the applicant of the decision and a letter of offer is prepared and sent to the applicant. The time taken to process land applications usually takes between six months to two years, depending on the number of applications received at the District Land Office and also the location of the land applied for. If the location is remote, it may be difficult for survey technicians to access and this may delay the procedure. 

7c. Land Applications recommended for approval by the District Land Utilisation Committee for 50 hectares and above
When a Land Application receives general approval but exceeds the 50 hectare limit, the application is forwarded to the Land & Survey Department Headquarters, Kota Kinabalu, for further action. The Assistant Collector of Land Revenue or Land Office Supervisor at the District Level prepares a ‘Declaration Letter” stating all the Terms and Conditions of the recommendations made by the District Land Utilisation Committee. The letter is then submitted to the Director, Land & Survey Department for further action. Based on the recommendation by the District Land Utilisation Committee, the Director or a senior officer of Land & Survey Department will forward the Land Application with the declaration letter from the District Land Office, to the Secretary, Natural Resource Office, for his consideration. The Secretary will either reject or approve the application based on the information made available to him from the Land & Survey Department. If the application is rejected, the Secretary, Natural Resource Office through his office will notify the Director, Land & Survey Department, the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue and the applicant of the rejection with a full explanation. If the application is approved, the Secretary, Natural Resource Office will instruct the Director, Land & Survey Department to prepare a letter of offer to the applicant with a stated premium fee, and other fees such as survey fees and processing fees. If the applicant accepts the offer, he will be required to sign an acceptance letter and to pay 50 per cent of the Land Premium at the time of signing. Note that only Country Lease Title is levied a 50% premium fees.

8. Survey Plan
For application below 50 hectares will survey technicians from the District Land & Survey Department, survey the area applied for and prepare a Survey Plan. Survey technicians are required to survey and demarcate the boundary of the land and determine if there is an existing claim to the land under customary rights. Survey technicians may also demarcate road reserve boundaries. No other land use information is considered during the survey. In some cases the applicant may engage a licensed surveyor to prepare the Survey Plan. In such cases, the payment of the survey fee is made to the Sabah Board of Surveyors. Survey Plans are prepared at the scale of 1:500, 1:1000, and 1:2500, 1:5000 or 1:12500 for country lots and at the scale of 1:100, 1:500 and 1:2500 for town lots. For applications above 50 hectares will the Director Land & Survey Department, through the District Land Surveyor, appoint a licensed surveyor to prepare the Survey Plan and to survey the land applied for. The survey is conducted to measure and demarcate the exact area of the land title. The surveyor will prepare the Survey Plan and r eturn this together with Part IV, Schedule III (Appendix IV) to the Land & Survey Department District Land Surveyor for his approval. If the District Surveyor approves the Survey Plan, he will prepare the LSF9003 for the preparation of the draft Land Title for submission with the Survey Plan to the Director, Land & Survey Department for his approval. 

9. Preparation of Draft Land Title
For applications below 50 hectares is, upon approval of the Survey Plan by the Director, Land & Survey Department and after the finalisation of the LSF 9003 (Appendix III) and the Survey Plan, a Draft Land Title prepared and signed by the Director, Land & Survey Department. For applications above 50 hectares will the Director, Land & Survey Department instruct the preparation of the Draft Land Title by the Title Preparation Section of the Department which upon completion is returned to the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue. Once the Draft Land Title is returned to the District Land Office, the land applicant will be notified of the availability of the Draft Land Title and the need for the applicant’s signature. 

10. Registration of Final Land Title
For applications below 50 hectares is the Draft Land Title returned to the District Land Office and the Assistant Collector of Land Revenue will notify the applicant of the a pproval and the need for the applicant’s signature on the Draft Land Title. The land applicant will then have to pay all land premiums, taxes and processing fees before the Land Title is registered and issued to the applicant. If the Land Title is a Native Title, the title will be registered at the District Land Office. If the title is a Country Lease, registration will be at the Land & Survey Department Headquarters, Kota Kinabalu. For applications above 50 hectares will the land applicant be required to settle all unpaid fees including the remaining 50 per cent of the premium fee, licensed surveyor’s fee and processing fees, before the land title is registered and an Official Land Title issued to the applicant. 

Isnin, 1 Disember 2014

Sindiket Penipuan Permohonan Tanah Kerajaan

Jangan mudah terpedaya...
Hati-hati ketika menjadi peserta permohonan tanah kerajaan. Kerana anda mungkin sedang ditipu oleh kumpulan orang tertentu. Lazimnya, ramai individu/orang cepat terpedaya apabila berhadapan dengan keadaan ini. Anda ditawarkan sebidang tanah di sesuatu tempat dan borang permohonan tanah diberikan kepada anda untuk anda isi dan hantar semula kepada mereka selepas selesai melengkapkan borang permohonan tanah. 

Kutipan wang mungkin dalam lingkungan RM50.00 atau lebih dikenakan kepada anda kononnya untuk tujuan pendaftaran borang dan belanja mengurus. Selepas menerima resit permohonan tanah (L.A) resit ini akan diserahkan kepada anda untuk menunjukkan bahawa tanah yang ditawarkan itu telah pun didaftarkan. 

Selang beberapa minggu atau bulan, kumpulan orang ini akan cari anda lagi untuk kutip wang kononnya untuk tujuan pengurusan di JTU HQ KK supaya permohonan tanah cepat diproses dan dapat geran. Begitulah seterusnya sehingga anda mula curiga kerana sentiasa diminta bayaran untuk tujuan tersebut. 

Dalam keadaan ini, kumpulan orang tertentu ini biasanya telah mengaut keuntungan daripada kutipan wang dari peserta permohonan tanah. Bayangkan kalau jumlah peserta permohonan tanah adalah sebanyak 500 orang X RM50.00 = RM25,00.00 setiap kali kutipan dibuat. Bayangkan jika kutipan telah dibuat sebanyak 5 kali. 5 X RM25,00.00 = RM125,00.00. Bukankah kumpulan orang tertentu itu telah mengaut banyak keuntungan sedangkan belum pasti tanah yang dipohon itu mendapat kelulusan kerajaan ataupun tidak. 

Bagaimanapun, masih ada pengurusan permohonan tanah yang diuruskan dengan benar tanpa ada pembohongan. Terpulang kepada kebijaksanaan kita untuk menilai sesuatu keadaan itu samaada ia satu penipuan ataupun sebaliknya. 

Orang Kampung dan Hutan (Tanah Adat) Berpisah Tiada

Inilah salah satu sebab kenapa orang bilang di hutan memang best. Di hutan ada banyak sumber makanan. Salah satunya 'wutod'.. wutod panggang + nasi putih memang enaknya tidak terkata lagi.
Orang kampung a.k.a Orang Bumiputra mudah tersinggung sekiranya tanah adat (NCR) mereka dicerobohi. Tanah warisan keluarga turun temurun tempat bercucuk tanam untuk menyara keluarga tidak boleh diganggu/ceroboh sesuka hati tidak kira samaada itu gangguan/ceroboh dari dalaman (kalangan keluarga sendiri) ataupuan luaran (orang luar/company). Mungkin kelihatan ada tanah yang dibiarkan seperti tidak ada pemilik tapi siapa sangka tanah seperti itulah tanah adat. 

Ahad, 30 November 2014

Prosidur Penyukatan Tanah Bagi SP dan RSP

Klik pada gambar untuk melihat carta alir bagi prosidur pengukuran SP dan RSP. 

Inovasi Pengeluaran Geran Komunal Sebagai Penyelesai Isu NCR di Sabah

Bagi menyelesaikan isu/masalah NCR di Sabah, JTU Sabah telah mengeluarkan geran komunal melalui pemberimilikan tanah terancang \'Fast Track\' mulai tahun 2010. Tujuannya ialah mempercepatkan hakmilik tanah NT/FR kepada anak negeri Sabah, menyelesaikan isu pertindihan permohonan tanah dan menghalang anak negeri daripada menjual hakmilik tanah kepada orang lain. Melalui tadbirurus tanah yang terancang, inovasi ini menjadi pemangkin kepada transformasi luar bandar sesuai dengan impak yang diperoleh. (KLIK GAMBAR)

Fix Traverse Menggunakan Perisian SurveyCAD


Undang-Undang Tanah yang harus Rakyat Sabah Sendiri Tahu. Klik pada gambar untuk lihat. 

Pemprosesan Kontor Menggunakan Perisian SurveyCAD

Khamis, 27 November 2014

Panduan Jika Hilang Geran Tanah Di Pejabat Tanah

Kes Hilang geran tanah di pejabat tanah?
Tindakan apa yang perlu diambil.

Saya nak bertanya.Harap boleh membantu. Ayah saya punya tanah di kampung A dan dah 40 tahun bayar cukai utk tanah itu. Dlm tahun 2000 (saya pun x brpa ingat bila) dia telah menambahkan penama tanah utk kepada ke semua anak2nya tanpa memecahkn geran. Masalahnya sekrg bila dia pergi ke pejabat tanah utk memastikan kedudukan tanah, pejabat tanah x boleh pastikn geran & kedudukan tanah tersebut...dgn kata lain tanah tu dah hilang. Saya telah meminta seorg rakan membantu tetapi dia sendiri tidak dapat mengambil geran tersebut kerana tiada dlm rekod. Rakan saya meminta ayah saya memberi geran yg asal (d big size geran zaman dulu2 tu) sedangkan semasa penambahan nama dulu pejabat tanah telah mengambil geran asal dan menukarkan geran tanah baru bersaiz A4 sahaja. Ayah saya x tahu apa cara utk mendapatkan kembali geran asal yg tersimpan dgn pejabat tanah. Mereka berkata geran itu tiada so kenapa masa penambahan nama di buat di berikan geran baru. Adakah DO telah memanipulatekn geran ini?? Macamana tanah tiada sedangkn cukai dibayar setiap thn. Bagaimana perlu dptkn geran asal yg di ambil oleh pejabat tanah tersebut???
Masalah ini telah saya bawakan ke Group Tukang Sukat Tanah untuk tujuan perbincangan. Antara respon yang diterima hasil daripada perbincangan warga FB Group Tukang Sukat Tanah adalah seperti berikut : 

'Tuan,tanah urusan rasmi so x org peduli klu hnya post d fb..kna korbn msa turun naik p pjbt dorg,x selesai d daerah,p kk n klu trpksa p kl pn ada ooo.just mw share,pengalaman.. '- Sai Bee

'Pergi report Polis dulu.... dan pergi buat land search di pejabat tanah...Ada data base bah dia orng' - Foh Bong.

'first and foremost, jangan lengah2 masa dan jangan ragu2, terus buat laporan polis. kalau bagus draf laporan polis sendiri dahulu untuk dikepilkan bersama dengan laporan polis rasmi nanti.' - Henry Gudid Padasian.

'Pengalaman sya dgn kehilangan geran tanah...(geran status FR ditukar kpda status NT)..saya diarah utk melaporkan kpda polis..saya sudh buat..selepas itu saya diberitahu oleh pegawai tanah bahwa mereka akan paparkan dlm papan notis selama 3 bulan...sampai sekarang geran tersebut belum dapat lagi..xda tau apa masaalah lagi...ini memakan masa lebih dari 10 tahun sudah...Apa yg ada dgn saya sekarang adalah photocopy geran tersebut yg tandatangani oleh pegawai daerah sebagai pengesahan.....macam mana itu Lundus Suveyor?...' - Terisah Bahan

'Sya nampak kes ini berkenaan dgn geran yg hilang, untuk itu saya cuba menerangkan prosedur utk mendapatkan geran ganti.Kita ada peruntukan dlm Ordinan Tanah Sec 120 utk dapatkan geran yg hilang utk diganti. Pemilik hanya perlu buat polis report, surat Akuan dan seterusnya menjelaskan fee terlibat di pej Tanah. Pejabat tanah akan buka satu doket utk permohonan tsb dan notis selama 3 bulan permohonan utk dptkan geran ganti tersebut perlu disiarkan di akhbar tempatan. Setelah tamat tempoh 3 bulan notis tsb, satu pendengeran utk permohonan tsb akan dibuat oleh PPHT. Sekiranya beliau berpuashati bahawa geran tersebut betul2 hilang..maka satu perintah utk keluarkan geran ganti akan dibuat.Walaubagaimanapun, perintah tersebut masih tertakluk kpd rayuan mana2 pehak berkepentingan terhadap geran tsb, dlm tempoh satu bulan setelah perintah pertama dibuat. Harap ini dapat memberi pencerahan kepada kawan2 yg mendapati geran tanah mereka hilang dalam simpanan tanpa disedari. Untuk makluman setelah hakmilik dikeluarkan dan didaftarkan, maka pemilik berdaftar tanah tsb bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya terhadap keselamatan geran tsb dlm simpanannya.' Kpd Pn Terisah Bahan, sila rujuk ke pejabat tanah terbabit. Bawa rujukan LE anda bagi memudahkan semakan di pejabat nanti. Tq. Untuk makluman juga urusan tanah untuk negeri Sabah adalah bidang kuasa negeri..perdana menteri tiada kuasa dlm hal ini. -Jaidi Adrian Gulis 

'pada pendapat saya, hal2 tanah di sabah tidak ada relevannya dirujuk kepada kerajaan persekutuan. Encik Jaidi umumnya mmg betul. Asasnya hal2 tanah, hutan dan perkara lain yang termaktub dalam jadual 9 Perlembagaan persekutuan adalah jatuh ke dalam bidang kuasa kerajaan negeri. (melainkan tanah2 di wilayah spt labuan, kl dan putrajaya). Rujuk artikel 74, 77 dan jadual 9 perlembagaan persekutuan.Dan pengamatan saya adalah kalau kamu ada masalah dgn urusan Permohonan Tanah (PT) atau land application (LA) urang putih bilang, mahupun geran tanah kamurang, ataupun tuntutan NCR (hak tuntutan adat) DAN kalau kamu juga mendapat kesukaran untuk berurusan dengan mana2 pihak jabatan tanah, JANGAN DIAM DAN JANGAN TANGGUH ATAU BERFIKIR/BERHATI DUA untuk meneruskan pengurusan kamu. jangan kasih biar sampai bertahun2 sebab di sanalah selalunya bermula segala macam masalah.' -Henry Gudid Padasian

Apa yang sangat penting dalam perbincangan adalah supaya masalah yang dibincangkan itu ada cadangan jalan penyelesaian. itula objektif kita untuk setiap topik yang dibincangkan di Group Tukang Sukat Tanah. 

Anda juga dialu-alukan untuk bergabung dalam group Tukang Sukat Tanah.. klik link ini..

Jumaat, 24 Oktober 2014

SurveyCAD - Kaedah memproses Crsx.

Lihat Kaedah Memproses Crsx melalui SCAD.
Perhatikan penggunaan open/off layer dan view drawing yang akan memudahkan data crsx dipilih.

Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

Bekerja Sebahagian daripada Perjalanan Hidup

Bagi yang merasa telah ditinggalkan oleh peluang. Ketahuilah bahawa setiap saat yang berlalu adalah peluang keemasan. Ia hadir bersama peluang dan juga berlalu bersama dengan peluang. Mari kita manfaatkan apa saja peluang yang ada

Selasa, 7 Oktober 2014

Land For Sale NT Title - Kg.Kaiduan Papar

Location Lot: Kg. Kaiduan, Papar.
Area : 5.00Ha.

Serious Buyer please contact:
Tukang Sukat Tanah
Hp: 01119568959 (WhatsApp)

Land For Sale - C.L Title Papar

Kg. Batu Lima, Papar.

From Papar town is 10 minutes  to the church signboard.
From Church signboard to my land is 7 minutes going uphill. 
From School pic is 2 minutes to Church signboard.
This is CL Title.
Area 16.45 Acre.

Serious Buyer please contact: 
Tukang Sukat Tanah
Hp: 01119568959 (WhatsApp)

Isnin, 6 Oktober 2014

Instant Street View - Google Car
Ramai kawan saya cakap pernah jumpa kereta ini di area kota kinabalu. Tapi malangnya saya langsung tidak pernah melihat kereta ini di KK. Sejak minggu yang lepas saya tercari-cari dimana kedudukan kereta ini selepas mendapat berita bahawa kereta google ini sedang berada di Sabah. Saya cuma berminat mahu tengok teknologi yang dipasang pada kenderaan ini untuk tujuan mapping. 
Kalau di Semenanjung hampir semua tempat street view sudah diliputi oleh google. Lihat pada peta Semanjung Malaysia ada warna highlight kebiruan. Itu menunjukkan bahawa disana sudah ada rekod street view. Manakala di Sabah dan Sarawak masih belum ada update street view oleh google. Tidak lama lagi update lah tu.
Beginilah hasil yang dapat direkod oleh google car. Ini sangat berguna kepada kita yang belum pernah sampai ke suatu tempat itu dan berniat mahu ke tempat tersebut. Kalau dulu kita hanya berpandukan kepada peta jalan, tapi kali ini kita boleh melihat terus keadaan bentuk fizikal di tempat tersebut sebelum memulakan perjalanan ataupun semasa dalam perjalanan (pemandu terkecuali). Sedikit sebanyak ia akan membantu kita untuk lebih cepat suaikenal dengan laluan tempat tersebut. 

klik pada gambar atau kunjungi link ini untuk rasai pengalaman sendiri dengan streetview google.